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Arms Reach®

Web Design & Development

Arm's Reach is the leading provider in safe co-sleeping solutions for mothers and their newborns. Their flagship product, the Co-Sleeper, is a bassinet that securely fastens to a mother's bed and as a result reduces the risk of SIDS inherent with bed sharing. This provides a convenient bonding experience for the mother and newborn that cannot be safely reproduced with a stand-alone bassinet.

Having gone without a redesign for 7 years, Arm's Reach Concepts was looking to refresh their website to better match the uniqueness of their products. Mineral set out to modernize the brand, incorporating a playful "toddler focused" feel, while also showcasing the Arm's Reach products in a clear and engaging way. An additional goal was to deeply integrate Social Media within the content to provide a seamless experience for users across Social Media platforms, as well as significantly bolster visibility of the Arm’s Reach brand across their users' social channels.

After Mineral's extensive customization of the website's ExpressionEngine CMS, content editors can easily make significant changes to the website while maintaining the beautiful and unique aesthetic. Advanced e-commerce functions and analytics were also directly integrated into the CMS.

All animation is JavaScript / html5 canvas and video is available across all platforms.